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If you are looking to enclose your large garden, farm, or livestock, or looking for a perfect fencing solution for a sports ground or other similar space, PVC post and rail fencing from PVC Fencing Perth is what you need. Depending on your requirements, you have the choice between a two, three, or four-rail post and rail fencing system, and this is known to be the most viable and affordable choice of enclosure for such large spaces or properties.


PVC post and rail fences are extremely durable regardless of the type of design you choose. The use of vinyl in the manufacturing of these fences makes them highly durable, which means your fence can stand much wear for years to come. Moreover, unlike many other fencing materials, you do not have to change your fencing every couple of years, and you get absolute value for your money.


Minimal Maintenance

As with all of our vinyl fences, our post and rail fencing also requires minimal maintenance. Wood fences, in general, require regular staining, sealing, and other treatments to prevent them from rotting. With PVC fence from PVC Fencing Perth, you do not have to think about painting, staining, or treating your fence at any time, and there is no risk of it rotting either.

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Aesthetic Values


PVC post and rail fencing add great aesthetic value to your property. Whether your land is mostly wide with slopes here and there, or it is for your narrow garden area, this type of fencing will look appealing. Furthermore, the fence does not obstruct the view to your beautiful property without compromising on security, and you can choose any colour or style to make it consistent with your property’s overall theme or design.


Post and rail PVC fences are easily customizable, which means you can choose the height, width, and spacing of each pole or rail according to your personal preference and the size of the space you are looking to enclose. Even after installation, you can have the fencing adjusted in certain areas, if and when required, by simply disassembling the posts and reinstalling them in a new area, all without causing too much disturbance to the entire fence.

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PVC fencing is hugely becoming a popular choice among property owners around the country. If PVC post and rail fencing seems to be the solution you are after for your property’s enclosure, give us a call today.