Semi-Privacy PVC Fence

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Semi-Privacy PVC Fence Perth

Semi-privacy PVC fence is another popular and functional fencing type you can get from PVC Fencing Perth. Also, a type of vinyl fence, semi-privacy PVC fencing bridges the gap between the other two types of fencing that we offer – Privacy PVC Fence and PVC Picket Fence. Semi-privacy fences tend to be quite as tall as privacy PVC fences, but their panels are less wide, which means there will be a decent amount of visibility and enough spacing for good airflow

Available in Different Styles

Similar to other fencing options that we offer, like plastic picket fences and privacy PVC fences, semi-privacy PVC fences are also available in a wide range of styles. You can choose yours from a variety of designs, colours, and sizes, providing you with the flexibility to choose a fencing style that best matches the overall décor or aesthetic of your house or outdoor area.

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Perfect for Bordering

Not all homeowners are fortunate to have friendly neighbours. But, if you are blessed with welcoming and friendly neighbours but would still need your privacy intact, a semi-privacy PVC fence would be the ideal choice for you. They also allow more light into your yard, which is good for your garden. In addition to looking good, these fences also provide a sense of security without feeling boxed in.

Easy to Maintain

Semi-privacy PVC fences are easy to maintain, period! The low amount of maintenance needed by PVC semi-privacy fences makes them more cost-effective than any other material available on the market. With just periodic washing, you can have your fencing looking as good as new without having to spend tons of money on maintenance and repair.

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Semi-privacy PVC fencing is a great option for those of you looking for both security and good airflow around your property. It helps you avoid that isolated/closed feeling that a privacy fence delivers and lets ample breeze in your outdoor area. If a semi-privacy PVC fence is what you are after, contact PVC Fencing Perth today.