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Whenever homeowners think about fences, they are naturally inclined towards wooden fencing panels painted white. Though wooden fencing has been around for decades and proved its worth, they are high maintenance and can cost you more than you can imagine for the same. This is where PVC picket fence Perth comes to your rescue. 

Why PVC Fencing?

If you think that these are just plastic fences and may not be a viable solution, here is what you should know:

PVC Fences are Low Maintenance

One of the main benefits of PVC fences is that they are low maintenance, and our in-house experts at PVC Fencing Perth couldn’t agree more. The surface of PVC fencing is smooth and non-porous, and it will not rust or rot with time. And unlike wooden fences, PVC options come pre-coloured, which means you do not have to think about painting them as well. All that’s required to clean the picket PVC fence is some soapy water and a hose. Just give it a once over after you have washed your car and have some leftover soapy water.

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PVC Fences are Available in Different Styles


Of course, most homeowners would picture a low picket fence to show off their beautifully maintained lawn. With PVC picket fences, you can have the whole look of a traditional picket fence but with the flexibility to incorporate different colours, styles, and styles. You can choose to have a raised picket PVC fence, thereby using it as a privacy PVC fence. Simply put, the customization options with these fences are plenty.

PVC Fences Do Not Shiver or Rot

Unlike materials like wood or metal used for fencing, PVC as a material is known for its durable nature, as it does not rot or shiver like the former. Even with constant exposure to various outdoor elements, you do not have to worry about your PVC fencing rotting or shivering and having to spend money on their repair.

PVC Fences are Easy to Install

The prefabricated picket fencing panels make installation easier and quicker when compared to the time-consuming wooden picket fences. As they involve no nails, paints, or screws, installing them is a breeze, which means they take less time, thereby helping you cut costs on labour and time too.

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From escalating the aesthetics of your property to giving you different customization options to choose from, PVC picket fences would be ideal for any type of household. If you wish to learn more about these fences or about the services we offer at Picket Fencing Perth, Contact Us now.